Spirituals: Metropolitan of Mesogea and Lavreotiki Nikolaos

Studio B - Saturday, October 15 at 20:00 hours .   Among the most interesting personalities of the modern Orthodoxy, but also the world of spirituality in general, it is surely Metropolitan of Mesogea and Lavriotiki Mr. Nikolaos Hajinikolau. In Athens he graduated in physics, at the Harvard he mastered astrophysics, and at the Institute for technology in Boston he mastered in mechanical engineering, he  got Ph.D. i n biomedical technology at the Harvard medical faculty, he became the master in theology at the Greek Faculty of Theology in Boston, and he got Ph.D. in theology at the Theological Faculty in Thessaloniki. In the States he worked for the NASA, as a consultant for space medicine technology, and at the same time he worked in several hospitals where are new methods for the treatment of coronary diseases are tested. Then he leaves all that and goes to Mount Athos, where after two year's of being a novice, became a monk at the monastery of Simonopetri. He was elected in 2004 for Metropolitan of Mesogea and Lavriotiki. 

Today he is the member of the Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church, professor of medicine and theology, the director of the State centre for biomedical ethics, the founder of the first hospital under the patronage of the Church and before all, the first priest of one of the most important metropolitanates in the heart of the Greek state, in Athen's region. He wrote many books and articles in which he criticizes a commercalization of human health and life in general, and warns the modern society that technology cannot rule it.

The interview with Metropolitan Nikolaos was recorded in monastery Zica recently, during the International Symposion on the female monasticism.

You can see a new epizode of the Spirituals broadcast on the television Studio B, on Saturday, October 15, 2011 at 20:00h.

Velja Pavlovic