Syrian Kurdish Militia Arrests Assyrians, Including a Priest

Nearly 400 Asayish (Kurdish security) members of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria surrounded the Malikiyya neighborhood yesterday and arrested 10 Assyrians and Christians, including an Assyrian a priest, members of the Malikiyya Social Commission, a Christian group, and Assyrian members of the armed protection units of Malikiyya, in Hasaka.

The following individuals were arrested:

Rev. Gabriel David, the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch’s delegate
Akhiqar Rashid, executive officer of the Mother Syria Assembly
George Malkoun
Farouk Hanna
Aphram Danho
Bassel Abel Ahad
Sargon Al-Khoury, an official of the Malikiyya Protection Bureau belonging to the Assyrian Protection Units
Abdel Ahad Adam (engineer)
Alaa Abdel Ahad
George Shammas
According to witnesses, those arrested were charged with trespassing into a “Kurdish area.”

All were detained for 4 hours and then released, except for Alaa Abdel Ahad and George Shammas, who remain in custody. Rev. Gabriel refused to leave before the others were released as well.

The Democratic Union Party (Syrian PKK) announced in late 2013, the establishment of “Kurdish autonomy” (AINA 2013-11-13, 2014-01-28) in areas of northeast Syria, including Afrin and Ain Arab in the province of Aleppo, as well as the city of Qamishli in Hasaka province, which borders Turkey and Iraq.

Source: OCP