Homily on the Sunday of the Myrrh Bearing Women. On Spiritual Deadness

The Gospels have told us today[1] about the exploits of the holy women who followed the God-Man during His earthly wanderings. They witnessed His sufferings and were present at his burial. The burial took place on Friday evening. While the Jews’ wrath was pouring out like the fiery lava of Aetna not only upon the Lord, but upon all of those close to Him; while the Holy Apostles were forced to hide or observe the extraordinary events only from a distance; while only John, the beloved disciple who leaned upon the breast of the Lord, feared nothing and remained always near the Lord, the secret disciple, Joseph of Arimathea, who had always concealed his heart’s allegiance due to persecution from the Sanhedrin, suddenly disregards all the obstacles, hesitations, and anxiety that had bound and worried him until then, and he appears before cold, cruel Pilate to beg the body of the One who was shamefully executed. He receives the Lord’s body and buries it with reverence and honor.

Coronavirus outbreak boosts Bible sales

New sales figures indicate that the Bible has experienced a dramatic surge in sales as readers search for hope amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

Book sales data provider Nielsen BookScan said that Biblical and liturgical texts had been rapidly climbing the charts in recent weeks, noting that the clear uptick in purchases was an “unusual pattern in comparison to the same period in recent years.”

The Doubts and Faith of the Apostle Thomas

Christ is Risen!

This Sunday is dedicated to the Apostle Thomas, who is popularly known as “Doubting Thomas.” What did Thomas not believe: That Jesus had risen from the dead? Or that the other disciples had seen Him risen?

The name Thomas is of Hebraic origin, meaning “twin” (תומא). It is quite possible that the Apostle was originally a fisherman (cf. Jn. 21:2). Thomas was called by Christ to become one of the Twelve Apostles (cf. Mt. 10:2-4, Mk. 3:14-19, LIk. 6:13-16). When Lazarus died, and Jesus, Whom the Jews were already hunting, headed for Jerusalem, Thomas expressed his desire to follow Christ and die with Him (cf. Jn. 11:16). During the Lord’s parting conversation with the disciples, Thomas asked: How can the Apostles know the way of the ascent of the Son of Man to the Heavenly Father? (cf. Jn. 14:5).

Diocese of Eastern America Remembers Pupin

Diocese of Eastern America Remembers Pupin
Diocese of Eastern America Remembers Pupin
Diocese of Eastern America Remembers Pupin
Diocese of Eastern America Remembers Pupin

The Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Eastern America has dedicated the year 2020 to the great Serbian scientist, inventor and philanthropist by honoring the 85th Anniversary Year of the repose Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin.

His Grace Bishop Irinej of Eastern America has provided the impetus for this special Commemorative Year. In the Resolutions of the 2020 Eastern American Diocesan Assembly, held in St. Petersburg, Florida from February 27-28, the following citation noted the said dedication: