Keynote Addresses & Core Courses of The Right Rev. Bishop Atanasije (Jevtić) of Herzegovina


February 16 –20, 2015 • St Sava Church • Phoenix, AZ

In Cooperation with the Clergy Brotherhood of SOC

Keynote Addresses & Core Courses
The Right Rev. Bishop Atanasije (Jevtić) of Herzegovina


Core Courses
Gospel, Revelation & the Living Tradition • Freedom, Spiritual Warfare & Cross • Love, Church & Prayer • Christ – The Alpha and Omega • Emmanuel & Theosis • Conversing with a Bishop • New Pascha – Divine Liturgy in the Land of the Living • Holy Fathers, the Bible and Us • The Return to Wonder: on Holiness and Responsibility • Eschatology and Theosis according to St. Maximus the Confessor • The Kosovo Covenant • Synodality and Canonical Tradition • Democracy and Human Rights in the Light of the Church • On Orthodox Ecumenism • The Eschata in Our Daily Life

The name of St. Parphyrios the Kapsokalivite has been added to the Russian Orthodox Church calendar for commemoration

This decision was made at the meeting of the Holy Synod on December 25, 2014. The Holy Synod decreed that Venerable Porphyrios the Kapsokalivite should be commemorated on December 2.

This year’s final meeting of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church took place at the Synodal Hall of the official Patriarchal and Synodal residence in St. Daniel’s Monastery in Moscow under the chairmanship of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia.

Concert is given in the Moscow Conservatoire to mark the First World War centenary

Concert is given in the Moscow Conservatoire to mark the First World War centenary
Concert is given in the Moscow Conservatoire to mark the First World War centenary
Concert is given in the Moscow Conservatoire to mark the First World War centenary
Concert is given in the Moscow Conservatoire to mark the First World War centenary

A concert dedicated to the First World War centenary was given in the Grand Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire on December 8, 2014.

The concert was sponsored by the St. Gregory the Theologian Charity Foundation with support of the Moscow Patriarchate’s Department for Eternal Church Relations (DECR) and the Representation of the European Union in Russia. The Requiem by Giuseppe Verdi was performed.

The Thunderbolt of Ever-Living Fire

By Archimandrite Vasileios of Iveron

The present book consists of Elder Vaileios' talks, discussions and dialogues in various venues mostly in the United States during his visit in 2011, along with excerpts from his writings selected to complement the themes of his talks.  The themes dealt with by Fr. Vasileios so eloquently in this book are extraordinarily wide-ranging; he handles complex and difficult issues in theology, spirituality, liturgics, parish life and monasticism with amazing clarity and insight.  He quotes with equal facility from figures as diverse as Heraclitus, Dostoevsky, St. Isacc the Syrian, St. Maximus the Confessor, Stefan Zweig, Andrei Tarkovsky, Vladimir Lossy, Georges Florovsky and St. Nicholas Cabasilas.  Above all, there is an exhilarating sense of freedom and innocence in his thought.  It is the freedom and innocence of profound faith and spiritual knowledge and childlike simplicity.  HIs wisnow is expressed via the "hyperlogic" of a hesychastic spriti, which makes for surprising connections and illuminating insights.  The appearance of this new book by Archimandrite Vaileios is truly a cuase for celebration. 

The Synodal Choir Honors the Memory of Alexander Gretchaninoff

On Sunday, November 16, 2014, the Synodal Choir of New York performed a concert of liturgical and secular music to honor the memory of Alexander Tikhonovich Gretchaninoff on the 150th anniversary of the birth of the great composer. The first part of the performance, under the direction of Peter Fekula, included nine compositions from all four of Gretchaninoff’s Liturgies, and from his vigils, including his cycle of music for Passion Week. Leading off the second half were three solos by Irina Mozyleva and a duet with Mr Fekula, followed by six folk songs by the full choir. Solos were also sung by Protodeacon Vadim Gan, Olga Ship and Vladimir Shvets.