St. Vitus Day in the crypt of St. Prince Lazar

St. Vitus Day in the crypt of St. Prince Lazar
St. Vitus Day in the crypt of St. Prince Lazar
St. Vitus Day in the crypt of St. Prince Lazar
St. Vitus Day in the crypt of St. Prince Lazar

His Grace Vicar Bishop Atanasije opened last night in the St. Sava Memorial Cathedral on Vracar, in the crypt of St. Prince Lazar, the St. Vitus Day concert - prayerful and spiritual gathering of the Serbian church choirs: Women's choir of the Singing society Venerable Rafailo Banatski with the conducter Senka Milisavljevic, a choir Venerable Roman Slatkopojac with the conductor Tatjana Krga, the First Belgrade Singing Society with the conductor Svetlana Vilic and the Singing society Mokranjac at the St. Sava church with the conductor Jelena Jez. Verses were spoken by the actor Ivan Jevtovic.

Serbia's icon-painting nuns combine religion and art

On the wooded slopes of southwestern Serbia's Golija mountain, a dozen nuns at the Gradac monastery have devoted their lives to God but have not turned their backs on their lifelong passion: painting.

Restoration of frescoes in Prizren

On the church of St. George in Prizren, experts from Greece has started the conservation and the restoration of the frescoes from 15th century. Soon the works on Theotokos of Ljeviska are going to be started. The sancturies was heavily damages in the attack of the Albanian extremists in 2004.

Alumnus Publishes Reflections on Major Feasts

SVOTS alumnus Fr. Rodney Torbic ('01 D.Min.) started out simply collecting notes for his adult education classes at St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania. He ended up publishing a book. His recently released title, Reflections on the Major Feasts, was deemed worthy of publication by the Clergy Brotherhood of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America in December 2010.

Russian exhibition opens in Mexico

An exhibition of Russian icons and photographs opened its doors in the Mexican city of Toluki on Thursday in an event that coincided with the 65th birthday of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill.

Earlier, Metropolitan Antony of Mexico, Venezuela and the Caribbean, for his part, expressed hope that the exhibition will help Mexicans get a better understanding of Russian spiritual culture.

„Golden Knight“ to Ljiljana Habjanovic Djurovic

In Russia, in the town of Tula, within the Film Festival "Golden Knight" a five-day Second Slav Literary Forum was held with the support of the president of the Russian Federation, President of the Assembly of the Russian Federation, Minister of Culture and under the patronage of Patriarch Kyrril of Moscow and All Russia. For the motto of the Festival the words of St. Sergei Radonjeski were selected: "Help ourselves with love and togetherness".   

Cyrillic alphabet - alphabet of the Serbian history, present and future

The convention regarding the topic " Cyrillic Alphabet in Information Society" was held on Thursday, April 14 in the parish house of the St. Sava Cathedral in the presence of His Holiness Irinej, Serbian Patriarch, His Grace Bishop Joanikije of Budimlje-Niksic and many invitees from public and cultural life.