Ten-year memorial service to Bishop Stephen

On the feast day of Venerable Maxim the Confessor, on 3 February 2013, in Cathedral church of Saint Nicholas in Sremski Karlovci, Their Graces Bishops Vasilije of Srem and Nikanor of Banat served the Holy Liturgy and the memorial service to Bishop Stephen of Dalmatia and Žiča of blessed repose with the concelebration of twelve priests.

The choir of pupils of the St. Arsenius Seminary sang responses, and during the memorial service priests and graduated theologians of the Holy Three Hierarchs Seminary at the monastery of Krka sang responses too.

Bishop Vasilije held a sermon on the life of Bishop Stephen. Following the sermon, as a token of gratitude for the care of Bishop Stephen of blessed repose for the Serbian church education and the Karlovac Seminary, the Administration of the Seminary appropriated the agape lunch for all gathered friends and admirers of Bishop Stephen of blessed repose.