Terrorist Attacks on Serb Houses and Institutions in Kosovo

A synchronized terrorist action on New Year's Day saw one house set on fire, while seven others, all belonging to local Serbs, were stoned. The attacks occurred in Bošnjačka Mahala, in northern Kosovska Mitrovica, according to a release issued today by the Media Dep't of the Ministry and the Kosovo and Metohija Coordinating Center.

First, two hours past midnight, the home of Radovan Lazic was set on fire. A tragedy was avoided thanks to a timely evacuation of all members of this family.

According to the statement, the fire squads barely managed to put out the flames, which had seized a large part of the house, rendering it uninhabitable.

At the same time, while the Albanians were celebrating New Year's in the southern part of Mitrovica, accompanied by frenzied firing from automatic weapons, seven Serb houses were stoned and damaged.

Houses belonging to Goran Milutinović, Predrag Jevđić, Petar Jeremić, Dragiša Jeremić, Radovan Janićijević, Dragoljub Memarović and Radoš Ljušić, were stoned. Luckily enough, no one was injured in this series of synchronized attacks on homes belonging to local Serbs.

The statement recalls that the terrorists are also attacking Serbian institutions in Kosovo and that it is by no means a coincidence that the building of the Komercijalna Banka AD Beograd in Dragaš had become target of a bomb attack on New Year's Day.

Source: Diocese of Ras-Prizren (Tanjug)