TESLA DAYS in Australia

ТеслаAnnual Tesla Dinner was held in Parmelia Hilton Hotel in Perth on Nikola Tesla’s birthday 10th of July. This event was organized for the 5th consecutive year as part of the Tesla Day celebrations in Western Australia.

In his introductory presentation Dr Wally Knezevic described Tesla Forum’s results in previous year. Professor David Blair from University of WA and the W.A. Scientist of the year 2007, was the speaker of the night.

His presentation on the gravity waves has given us all great pleasure and better appreciation of this subject. Gravity waves are ripples through space time caused by moving objects. They were predicted by Einstein in his theory of general relativity, but have never been detected. If we can detect gravity waves, astronomers will no longer be limited by how far they can see into space. They will be able to hear gravity waves generated by huge masses such as pairs of neutron stars, the formation of black holes and even rumblings from the big bang itself.

Professor Blair linked his work with Nikola Tesla’s discoveries, made interesting observations on complementary roles of science and religion, talked on the impact the scientist’s ego may have when reviewing own results etc.

The evening was full of good spirit, great music and dance. Two exceptional music groups performed at the night: “Skadarlija” playing traditional Serbian music and “ZigaTango” – fantastic group of technical science students playing Latino, Gipsy and music from Balkans.

More information on: www.teslaforum.com

Source: www.soc.au