Turks building a mosque in Amsterdam called "Hagia Sophia"

With outrageous activity Turks are advancing in the building and opening of a mosque called "Hagia Sophia" in Amsterdam, which is an exact replica of the sacred symbol of Orthodoxy in Constantinople, reports Romfea.

By these actions Turkey wants to prepare the global community for the realization of the dream of Recep Tayyip Erdogan who promised that he would turn "Hagia Sophia" in Constantinople into a mosque.

The Turks are paying excessive attention to the opening of the new large mosque in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) with the stolen name of "Hagia Sophia."

The Sabah Turkish news agency reports: “The capital of Holland has dreamt for 20 years of opening a mosque named 'Hagia Sophia’ in Amsterdam which will open its doors for believers. The first Friday prayers will be held in the mosque simultaneously with its opening. Turkish President R. T. Erdogan will be present at the opening ceremony during which over 2500 people will be praying.”

The choice of name "Hagia Sophia," which is a Christian one, along with the opening of the mosque by Erdogan symbolizes the next step of the Turkish President who wants to turn the symbol of Orthodoxy and Greek culture into a place of Muslim worship.

Source: Pravoslavie.ru