Ukrainian authorities have banned the screening of Russian films at international Orthodox film festival

the Ukrainian Authorities have banned the screening of Russian films in the annual international festival of documentary films “Chinoisserie on the Dnieper”.

“Yesterday we opened Kinabalu, but all movies Russia banned. Russian Directors we apologized, they had to return the tickets and cancel the arrival of the festival”, – told the correspondent of “Interfax-Religion” on Friday honoured cultural worker of Ukraine, artistic Director of the Orthodox culture Centre “Lestvitsa” Archpriest Igor Sobko, which is organizing this festival together with the diocese.

According to him, a few days before the opening of the film forum, cinema of Ukraine has banned the festival, seeing in it the signs of propaganda “aggressor”, but then softened the decision, forbidding, however, show Russian films (for a total of 12 pictures).

“I think that in this test we become stronger and more United in the common cause of Orthodox cinema. Good thing no temptations do not happen!” – said the priest.

Source: Interfax