Ukrainian Orthodox Church establishing four new monasteries

The last meeting of the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in 2017 was held yesterday at the residence of His Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry on the territory of the Holy Dormition-Kiev Caves Lavra. The session, chaired by His Beatitude made a number of important announcements, including the establishment of four new monasteries in various dioceses of the Ukrainian Church, reports the site of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

By the decision of the Holy Synod, three convents and one men’s monastery have been created in the Boryspil, Dnepropetrovsk, Gorlovka, and Chernovets- Bukovina Dioceses of the Ukrainian Church.

Specifically, the Convent of St. Grand Duchess Elizabeth the New Martyr was established in the village of Zazimya in the Kiev Province (Boryspil Diocese).

The men’s Monastery of the Holy Spirit was established in the town of Krasnopillia in the Dnepropetrovsk Diocese, to be headed by Archimandrite Jerome (Ermolenko).

On the place of the Holy Protection Skete of the St. Sergius Convent in the city of Lyman of the Donetsk Province, the Holy Protection Convent Monastery of the Gorlovka Diocese was established. Nun Joanna (Fedorova) has been appointed abbess.

A convent was also founded on the place of the Skete of St. Ksenia of St. Petersburg of the Holy Ascension-Banchensky Monastery in the village of Molnytsia in the Chernovets Province. The abbess of the St. Ksenia Monastery of the Chernovets- Bukovina Diocese will be Nun Theodora (Ignat).

At the same meeting, the Holy Synod also glorified five icons and one locally-venerated saint.

Source: Ukranian Orthodox Church