Urgent Communique from His Grace Bishop Dr Mitrophan

Regarding catastrophic natural disasters and floods in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia, and Serbia, we appeal to all in order to immediately begin with the collection of financial aid which is going to be forwarded and distributed by our Diocese and the Serbian Orthodox Church to those who are most in need.

Many affected areas are in a national state of emergency. Thousands of people, elderly, women and children are being evacuated and placed into shelters, where beds, clothing, food, water and medication is very much needed. The number of casualties is yet to be counted; however it is not to be underestimated. The damage that has occurred so far is estimated to be in millions of dollars. Entire households are destroyed, agriculture has been obliterated, and industry is severely affected.

Once again we call upon all to show our Christian love by offering monetary contributions to our brothers and sisters who are in great distress. Our unified prayers to God are also essential in these harsh moments for our people.

Contributions can be sent to the Serbian Orthodox Church - Eastern American Diocese with a note stating “Floods” and all collections will be forwarded to affected areas as soon as possible.