Vandalism in front of the church of St. Nicholas in Kotor

Unprecedented desecration of the Kotor church of St. Nicholas on Easter

On the night between May 2 and 3, 2021, at least four people insulted Popadija Ivana Krivokapic, the wife of the Kotor priest Nemanja Krivokapic, after she warned them of inappropriate behavior.

Around four men from Kotor urinated at the front door of the church of St. Nicholas in the Old Town, and when the wife of the parish priest of Kotor criticized them from the window of the nearby parish house, they started insulting her on a national basis. She said they also threw glass objects at her house and continued to insult and threaten her. Popadija called the police and immediately after the report, a police patrol was sent to the scene.

The Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral reacted to the vandalism in front of the Church of St. Nicholas in Kotor with a statement stating, among other things:

"Yesterday's unprecedented desecration of the church of St. Nicholas in Kotor and the simple insult of the priest's wife, who tried to prevent and stop the desecration, caused the greatest damage to the unfortunates who participated in it. The Church of St. Nicholas, and probably the much older Church of St. Luke next to it, have not remembered this behavior in their history. "Many ill-intentioned people passed by her, including many who came as soldiers of the enemy armies, but no one dared to do anything similar, on Easter, the most solemn day of that church."

Source: Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral