What is of God, to God, What is of the King, to the King...

A Blessing for Honorable and Fair Elections

«« But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness…»(Matthew 6:33)... »(Мт. 6, 33)...

Избори 2008. Bearing in mind that preelection silence is about to begin soon and that there have been some speculations in the public that the Church was supporting one or the other political option, we must point out some postulates on which not only the relationship between the Church and the state are laid, but also the very identity of the Church, which can’t be exploited or abused, not even on behalf of church institutions or dignitaries.

From the early Nineties on, when Serbia started its multy-party system existence, the Serbian Orthodox Church has issued an explicit synodal decision ordering its clergy, i.e. to the deacons, the priests and the bishops, to refrain from any active partisan engagement. In accordance to the above, every member of the clergy who engages actively in a party, is not only dissenting a synodal decision, but the Church itsself.

Of course, each individual has the liberty and the obligation to exercise his or her legitimate and constitutional civil right, and to vote according to his or her conscience and personal judgement.

One thing is certain: The Church prays for every pious authority, which means that it can only recommend to its worshippers to cast their vote for that authority, which is not against God, and which will include in its program and fully respect fundamental christian norms and principles.

Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church