Winter Youth retreat 2018 – Great Success

Full to capacity as usual, the winter youth retreat 2018 was and continues to be a greatSuccess – thanks be to God, His most holy Mother (for protection), Saints, Angels, our good Bishop Longin for blessing it, and great people (especially our sisters and mothers, our clergy and the Youth Department) for putting much work in planning it and also executing it.

The theme for the retreat was: Who am I and where am I going – this also will be the theme for the oratorical Festival 2019. High school students of the Midwest Diocese may apply to write an essay as soon as possible – contact the Diocesan youth director: Priest Dragan Petrovic- Indianapolis.

Between the special prayers to the Mother of God, blessing of the Waters, Holy Unction, Holy confession, evening and morning prayers, prayers before and after meals, and Holy Communion – all present were immersed in the grace of God.

Between the lectures on our faith,  Serbian culture, emotional and physical stability, self defense, many group discussions and personal encounters – all the retreaters were intellectually satisfied and challenged. 

And last but not least, thanks to especially designed and equipped game room in the big fellowship hall by the lake, as well as enough free time and organized walks around the monastery grounds– all the participants engaged in much fellowship. 

The retreat has become so popular that this year we decided not to advertise it at all, but from now on only make it available through the announcement of the parish priest to their faithful. Still, the retreat was full the first day the clergy received an email from the Diocese and forwarded to their parish.  Glory to God – our young people definitely desire a relationship with Him and each other.