The Patriarch of Romania at the Anniversary of the Saint Patron of Saint Spiridon the Old Church of Bucharest

On 12 December, the church of Saint Spiridon the Old celebrates its saint patron. Today, 11 December 2011, on the eve of the feast of Saint Hierarch Spiridon, the faithful of the parish enjoyed the presence of His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

After the Vesper service celebrated in the holy place of worship, the Primate of the Romanian Orthodox Church delivered a sermon in which he eulogised the personality of Saint Hierarch Spiridon of Trimitunda.

His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel has also spoken to those present about the lowliness of Saint Spiridon showing that he made miracles not for his won glory, but for showing the merciful love of Christ. His Beatitude emphasised the fact that the miracles are not made by man, but by God through man.

“Saint Spiridon is a miracle worker because he was very close to God and very obedient; in general, miracles are made only by obedient people completely open to the grace of God, who pray a lot. The miracle is not made by man, but by God through man; God makes wonders through His saints and this unusual divine power to make wonders is manifested through saints because they obey God and God listens to them in prayer. Whoever obeys God and accomplishes His will is listened to by God in prayer. The wonder is made only through the merciful love for the humans. (…) Saint Spiridon has also made wonders out of great mercy, of merciful love for the humans, not to praise himself or be praised, but to show the merciful love of Christ bestowed over His Church, which is His mysterious body”, said His Beatitude.

His Beatitude has also congratulated the parish priest, Rev. Ioan Iordache, administrative vicar of the Archdiocese of Bucharest, for the philanthropic activity unfolded within Saint Spiridon the Old parish.

To end with, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel offered, to the place of worship which will celebrate its saint patron tomorrow, a blessing cross, a new edition of the Holy Gospel, the first volume of “Proloage” (Lives of the Saints), in a new edition, the first under the aegis of the Romanian Patriarchate, as well as other books for the monastery library.

Saint Spiridon the Old church was the first one of 24 other ones of Bucharest demolished by the communist regime. It was built from 1992 – 1997, observing the same plans, placement and architecture.

From 2004 forward, the parish has owned a social-medical centre of “Saint Spiridon – Old” Foundation, which provides integral services, in order to improve the quality of the life of the community members.

Source: Romanian Orthodox Church