School package help to children from Kosovo and Metohija

With the blessings of His Grace, the Right Reverend Irinej, the Bishop of Eastern American Diocese, the Department of Christian Education of the Eastern American Diocese is organizing a mission of collecting two thousand (2000) backpacks with school supplies as help for children in Kosovo and Metohiya.

This humanitarian action is taking place in cooperation with the non-profit The Giolas Foundation from Chicago, federal state of Illinois. Our intention is that all church-school congregations of the Eastern American Diocese take part in collecting children's school materials, and with the help of the Giolas Foundation to collect all materials by the end of December 2020, when they will be shipped to the Orthodox Diocese of Rashka and Prizren.

In order to succeed in this charity action, each church-school congregation will receive a list with the material that needs to be collected. The Giolas Foundation will take care of taking over the aid, and some parishes would serve as a warehouse for easier communication in order to facilitate the taking over of humanitarian aid.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: back pack; notebook -either one 5 subject or 3 individual 70 leaf notebooks; folders - 3 count with pockets; pens - one pack minimum 4; pencils - one pack of 12; eraser - 2"; sharpener; ruler - 12" plastic or wooden; scissors - blunt tip (rounded); crayons - 24 count; color pencils - one pack assorted; calculator; notebook paper - 100 sheet pack minimum; binder - 1" binder with pockets; spiritual gift - cross and small card with prayer.

There is a purchasing guide & inventory sheet that will be updated to keep everyone informed of the current status.  The link to that guide is below. Link: Google Sheet link