Fragment of 9th-century church discovered in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo: pravlife.orgA group of archaeologists made a wonderful discovery near Ravno in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, confirming the presence of Christianity in the area in ancient times.

On Wednesday, October 21, a stone relief plate from the altar partition of a 9th-century church was discovered in the village of Zavala, according to archaeologist Snježana Vasilj from the University of Mostar.

Patriarch of Jerusalem condemns insults to Islam and violence in France

Patriarch of Jerusalem condemns insults to Islam and violence in FrancePatriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem – Chairman of the Council of Heads of Churches of the Holy Land, denounced the unfortunate sequence of events in France, which started with insults to Islam and the honorable Prophet Muhammad, and was followed by a murder crime of a teacher on the hands of three students as a retaliation for the insults , which triggered a series of unfortunate crimes that targeted innocent Muslim civilians.

Completed mosaics unveiled in Belgrade’s St. Sava Cathedral

On Thursday, October 22, His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia and Serbian President Aleksandr Vučić visited St. Sava’s Cathedral in Belgrade to examine the newly-revealed mosaics.

Last month, OrthoChristian reported that work on the cathedral’s unique and beautiful mosaics was completed. Now that most of the scaffolding in the church has been removed, the images of the Lord and His saints are visible to the public for the first time.

Patriarch of Alexandria to celebrate 100th anniversary of Agioi Anargyroi Church in Abukir on October 30

Patriarch Theodore: Those who remained here will not abandon our templesThe historic church of Agioi Anargyroi, which is one of the oldest churches of the Greek Community in Egypt, celebrates its 100th anniversary since its establishment in Abukir, 20 km from Alexandria.

It is the same area where Greeks established a large Greek Orthodox community in the early 20th century during the patriarchal ministry of Patriarch Meletius. This Greek Orthodox community went through important moments and closed in 1952. The only element that betrays the history of the community is the wooden church of Saints Cyrus and John, which has given the name to the town, Abukir.

Mosaics of the early Byzantine period were revealed in Sinope Koimesis Church

Mosaics of the early Byzantine period were revealed in Sinope Koimesis ChurchIn the city of Sinope, in Turkey, there is the complex of Mithridates Palaces, in the center of which is an early Christian church, dating to approximately 660 AD, which is known as the “Church of the Palaces” (Balatlar Kilisesi).

Excavations at the 2,300-year-old Palace began 11 years ago with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.