Address by Bishop Hilarion of Viena and Austria Moscow Patriarchate Representative to European international organizations

by Bishop Hilarion of Vienna and Austria
Moscow Patriarchate Representative to European international organizations

Your Holiness,
Reverend Archpastors and Pastors,
Distinguished Participants in the Conference:

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia - having read the statement of the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church made on January 24 and the letter from His Holiness Patriarch of Bulgaria sent on January 30 - considered with brotherly compassion the difficulties faced by Bulgarian Orthodox again due to the Strasbourg court's decision of January 22, 2009. During his talks with the Bulgarian Orthodox delegation to his enthronement as well as Bulgarian President Georgi Parvnov, he expressed support for the Bulgarian Church and Bulgarian State in their defence of canonical Orthodoxy and their search for ways of overcoming the schism. The participation of a Russian Orthodox delegation in this conference is an expression of our desire to help the sister Church in overcoming new problems.

First Synod under Patriarch Kirill opens on March 31

First since Metropolitan Kirill was elected to the Moscow patriarchal see session of the Holy Synod will be held on March 31, Tuesday, the Patriarchate's press service has reported. The session is to open in the afternoon at St. Daniel's Monastery. Patriarch Kirill will chair the meeting.

Patriarch Kirill urges scientists to serve Motherland, blending science and morality

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia urged intellectual elite of Russia to remember that it is very important to base on spiritual and moral values in their scientific work.

"Much will change in Russia and in the world, if we blend science and morality, education and firm convictions, if we ingrain voluntary self-sacrifice into our intellectual elite as there can't be true service to Motherland and people without it," Patriarch Kirill said on Friday in his sermon after the service in St. Tatiana Church at Moscow State University.

House of Romanovs files pleas for rehabilitation of members of Russian royal family

The House of Romanovs on Friday filed pleas with the Russian Prosecutor General's Office requesting the rehabilitation of members of the royal family who were executed after the revolution.

"Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna believes that all the members of the royal family named in the plea had fallen victim to the arbitrariness of the totalitarian state and were exposed to political reprisals on social, class and religious grounds," German Lukyanov, a lawyer of the House of Romanovs, told Interfax.

Patriarch Kirill marks a positive role of crisis

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said that the global economic crisis will do its bit for spiritual improvement of people, despite its adverse effects.

"Not only is the crisis our plague, it is also our blessing. It gives us a good opportunity for soul-searching and makes us think. Following our well-trodden ways, we get used to our bread-and-butter sandwich, but when this sandwich is taken from our mouths, this means a challenge and an impulse," Patriarch Kirill said Sunday at a press conference in Kaliningrad.