Floods devastate upstate NY, northeastern PA

As widely reported by the media, massive floods have devastated upstate New York and northeastern Pennsylvania, where many parishes of the Orthodox Church in America are located. In addition to parishes in Binghamton, NY and along the NY-PA border, OCA parishes dot “the Valley,” from Uniondale, Dundaff, and Simpson in the north to Hazleton and McAdoo in the south.  The region traditionally has had one of the largest concentrations of Orthodox Christian parishes in the US.

The region has been declared a disaster zone.

Source: www.oca.org

Eternal Memory

On September 11, 2001, life was forever changed for Americans when terrorists plowed two planes into the World Trade Center, a third into the Pentagon, and downed another in a rural Pennsylvania field. Over 3000 innocent people lost their lives. In New York, terror rained from the sky, as each plane’s impact produced infernos of flame and ash and smoke. The tiny Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church which stood in the shadow of the World Trade Center’s twin towers was the only house of worship destroyed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Lights to be turned on to welcome newborn Russians at Christ the Savior Cathedral

Action to protect life starts soon at the Patriarshy Most in Moscow and will last for several weeks.

Special lanterns are to be installed in frames of the action and each lantern will be switched on each time when a new child is born in Russia, organizers of the meeting told Interfax-Religion

Cross erected on 2100 meter peak in Tuva

On one little accessible mountain peak near Lake Sut-Hol in the southern Siberian republic of Tuva, His Eminence Archbishop Jonathan of Abakan and Kyzyl, along with a group of clergymen and laypeople, raised and consecrated a cross, reports the  website of the Abakan-Kyzyl diocese.

"Jesus Christ, King of Glory," reads the inscription in the Tuva language.

Tuva's main religions are Buddhism, Orthodox Christianity, and shamanism.

Metropolitan Hilarion gives interview to Serbian newspaper Politika

In an interview in the Serbian newspaper Politika published on 31 August 2011 with the chairman of the Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk questions of inter-Orthodox and inter-Christian relations, the topic of the Church’s witness to the contemporary world and the situation in the region of Kosovo were touched upon.

How do you envisage the resolution of problems in relations between the Serbian Orthodox Church and the government of Montenegro?

The role of Orthodoxy in the life of Montenegrin society has always been great. Today Montenegro is an independent state; eighty percent of its inhabitants confess Orthodoxy.