Greek Synod proposes Elder Gervasios (Paraskevopoulos) of Patras to Constantinople for canonization

The Orthodox Church could soon know the joy of a new saint among the hosts of millions who have already been revealed as holy God-pleasers.

Meeting in Athens on Tuesday, the Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church announced that it would submit a packet of documents proposing the canonization of Elder Gervasios (Paraskevopoulos) of Patras, reports the press service of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Metropolitan Tikhon of Pskov holds anti-addiction, healthy lifestyle forum

Bad habits such as drinking, smoking, and drugs bring much grief and suffering to the Russian people, and thus the spread of these scourges must be fought in the most active way, said His Eminence Metropolitan Tikhon of Pskov and Porkhov at the All-Russian “For a Healthy Lifestyle” forum in Pskov on August 24, reports the Pskov Information Agency.

Cathode Of The Icon Of Theotokos To Gethsemane

On Sunday August 12/25, 2019, the ceremony of the Cathode of the icon of the Dormition of Theotokos started from the Metochion of Gethsemane, opposite the courtyard of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and headed in procession to Theotokos’ Tomb in Gethsemane.

 This contrite ceremony started at dawn of the above day, at 5.00 am (summer time) in procession, led by the Hegoumen of Gethsemane Most Reverend Archbishop Dorotheos of Avela, who was carrying the icon in front of his chest, surrounded by Archbishops and other Hagiotaphite Fathers, with the long procession behind and in front of him with Priests, Monks and Nuns, as many Byzantine choir singers were chanting the hymns of the Dormition.

The Lamentations of Theotokos at Theotokos' Tomb

The Service of the Lamentations of Theotokos at Her Most Sacred Tomb was held on the Forefeast of the Dormition on Tuesday August 14/27, 2019.

For this Service the Hagiotaphite Brotherhood, led by its Hegoumen His Beatitude the Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos, marched in procession from the Patriarchate Headquarters to Gethsemane, through Via Dolorosa, and was welcomed by the Hegoumens of the Monasteries of St. Charalambos, Praitorion, the Holy Ancestors of God Joachim and Anna, and St. Stephen.

Chios received the holy relics of Saint John the Baptist

Chios received solemnly the holy relics of St. John the Baptist, which are kept in Kykkos Monastery in Cyprus. Local authorities and dozens of faithful attended the event.

The holy relics were brought by the Protosyncellus of the Holy Metropolis of Kykkos and Tillyria, Archim. Agathonikos Kykkotis, and were placed in the centre of the Metropolitan Cathedral of St Minas, Victor and Vincent in Chios.