Feast of the Transfiguration in Halki

The Abbot, Bishop Kassianos of Aravissos officiated at the Great Vespers, at the celebrating Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegial Skete of the Transfiguration of Christ in Halki, the care of which has been entrusted to the Theological School, that was held yesterday, on the eve of the feast. Today, August 6, the Orthros and Archieratical Divine Liturgy were celebrated by Metropolitan Stefanos of Kallioupolis.

Church philanthropy was born of the Gospel and Liturgy, Patriarch Daniel says

“The charitable work of the Church was born of the Gospel and the Divine Liturgy. The care for the poor in the form of permanent social institutions was inspired by today’s Gospel,” said the Patriarch of Romania in his homily delivered at St. George’s Chapel of the Patriarchal residence on Sunday.

Referring to the Gospel passage in which the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes is presented, Patriarch Daniel explained that the care for the poor and hungry was commanded by the Saviour Jesus Christ in the words to the disciples: “Give them something to eat.”

Church of Greece sent letter of support to Patriarch of Antioch for blast in Beirut

The Holy and Sacred Synod expresses the support of the Church of Greece to Patriarch John of Antioch, in a letter sent by Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens. 

In addition, it declares support to the Patriarchate of Antioch and the people of Lebanon “for the relief and healing of our affected brothers and sisters.” They added, “Both we and the charitable Church Organisation ‘Apostoli’ (Mission) are wholeheartedly by your side.”  Finally, the Holy Synod stated: “The Church of Greece, the Hierarchy, the clergy, the monks and the faithful, we fervently pray to God for the city of Beirut. Let the Lord give you all the consolation, patience, strength, and hope you need to overcome this unexpected calamity.”

Orthodox churches damaged, 100+ killed, 4000+ wounded, over 200,000 homeless after Lebanon explosion

The world was shocked on Tuesday, August 4, when a massive explosion shook the port of Beirut, Lebanon, with now reportedly around one hundred people killed, over four thousand injured; some reports say that more than 200,000 are left homeless, as the shockwave spread through the city breaking glass, and the red mushroom cloud loomed over the port.

With tensions in the region already high, preliminary reports are indicating the explosion was due to “confiscated high explosive materials” being stored in the port, possibly ammonium nitrate. That being said, the cause of the explosion is currently unknown pending an investigation. Orthodox Churches were among the many critically damaged structures.

Petru Voda Monastery has received a fragment of the holy relics of Saint Nikephoros the Leper

Paltin-Petru Voda Monastery receives fragment of St Nikephoros the Leper’s relicsРPaltin-Petru Voda Monastery has received a fragment of the holy relics of Saint Nikephoros the Leper, a powerful intercessor for COVID-19 and every disease.

The holy relics were donated by Father Simon from the Hermitage of St. Panteleimon from Greece, at the request of the abbess of Paltin Monastery, stavrophore Justina Bujor.