The Patriarch Ilia II Wishes Happy Nativity and New Year

His Holiness and Beatitude Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia, Archbishop of Mtskheta and Tbilisi, and Metropolitan of Abkhazeti and Bichvinta Ilia II wished the parish forthcoming Happy Nativity and New Year. The Patriarch talked about the human mind during His Sunday preach. As His Holiness states, according to the scientists human mind does not depend on physical body, "Our mind depends on our soul. Human mind shall permanently be trained, thus needed thinking and reading books. Some people drive to despair, but we shall remember that the outcome always exists. A man shall always do whatever he likes to do. Idleness deaden our mind and weaken or spiritual strength" stated the Patriarch.

The Patriarch gave three new messages to the parish. His Holiness called everyone to make dolls, and the best one would be granted with books by the Patriarch. Ilia II remembered once He visited an old people's home during His visit abroad. The old people were making dolls there, and had great fun full of positive energy. His Holiness also called the parish to water land. Besides, the Patriarch expressed His idea to make hog-breeding farm and employ people there. He called those having experience in working at farms to share their experience and knowledge in realization of the idea. Ilia II called everyone to donate the farm business at least 10 Gel upon their wish. "We will certainly assist. The farm will not be for church but for the parish. Church does not need that. The parish needs that", stated the Patriarch.