Bishop Stefan of Remesiana appointed new Dean of the Representation of the Serbian Church in Moscow

Published On: 06/05/2024

Upon the proposal of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch kyr Porfirije, the Holy Synod of Bishops has appointed His Grace Vicar Bishop of Remesiana kyr Stefan as the new Dean of the Representation and the representative of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Moscow, as this important position became vacant due to the passing of Bishop Antonije of Moravica.

In proposing his Vicar Bishop, His Holiness Patriarch Porfirije had in mind that Bishop Stefan’s life journey has been closely connected to fraternal Russia and the sisterly Russian Church since his early youth. The Head of the Serbian Orthodox Church expressed confidence that Bishop Stefan’s love for the spirituality of the Russian people and the friendships he has cultivated will advance and strengthen the bonds between the two Churches.

Bishop Stefan served his first Holy Liturgy as the new Dean of the Representation on the night of Pascha, on 5 May 2024, in the Serbian Representation’s church dedicated to the Chief Apostles Peter and Paul. At the end of the service, the new Dean warmly shared with the faithful his memories of collaboration and mutual connections with his predecessor, Bishop Antonije of blessed memory.