Communiqué of the Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church

Published On: 31/01/2024

Fake accounts on media platforms

We have a legal and moral obligation to inform primarily the faithful people, as well as all other competent and interested parties, that there are multiple accounts on the media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) through which certain individuals commit the criminal offenses of fraud, false representation, and unauthorized use of the name, emblem, and other official symbols and insignia of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Unfortunately, these criminal acts often aim to harm the Serbian Orthodox Church by exploiting the name of her Head, His Holiness Serbian Patriarch kyr Porfirije.

There are also abuses of the names and media content of ecclesiastical official and public media. For example, without the knowledge, approval or blessing of anyone in the Serbian Patriarchate, there has been an account named “Crkveni Glasnik” (Ecclesiastical Gazette) on the X media platform (formerly Twitter) for a considerable period, under the username @CrkveniGlasnik, which clearly intends to present itself as “Glasnik” (Gazette), the official journal of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Likewise, there is a fake account of the Serbian Patriarchate’s periodical “Pravoslavlje” (Orthodoxy) on the same media platform under the username @PravoslavljeSPC. No official body or person in the Serbian Orthodox Church knows which individual initiated and manages these fake accounts, and with what ultimate goal.

We have an obligation to remind in this regard that the Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church manages the official accounts of His Holiness Serbian Patriarch kyr Porfirije on the media platforms Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, we remind that the Information Service of the Serbian Orthodox Church has recently opened its official account on the X platform (formerly Twitter) under the username @Infosluzbaspc at the link The periodical of the Serbian Patriarchate “Pravoslavlje”, besides its printed edition, currently only has an official internet presentation at the address, while the official journal “Glasnik” is only available in print.

The Serbian Orthodox Church will take necessary measures before competent institutions to prevent the spread of false information and false representation.