Conciliar Hierarchical Liturgy at the Church of Saint Sava on Vračar

Published On: 19/05/2024

His Holiness Serbian Patriarch kyr Porfirije presided over the Holy Liturgy at the Church of Saint Sava on Vračar on 19 May 2024, on the Sunday of the Myrrhbearers.

The Head of the Serbian Orthodox Church was concelebrated by the Hierarchs from the homeland gathered at the regular meeting of the Holy Assembly of Bishops, as well as by guests, Their Graces Metropolitans kyr Varsonofy of Saint Petersburg and Ladoga, kyr Petar of Prespa and Pelagonia, and kyr Timotej of Debar and Kičevo.

– The meaning and fullness of life spring from the tomb of Christ, for the tomb is not the last thing the Lord passes through. The tomb is truly a passage from death to life, and naturally, human logic has no explanation. That is why various people have tried to explain this mystery of the victory of life over death – claiming that someone stole the body and that the guards were bribed – but there is no logic, no mind or reason that has its beginning and end in this world, in history, that can comprehend this mystery. The tool for understanding the mystery of life, joy, beauty, fullness, truth, and justice is faith, faith that encompasses our entire being, mind, heart, and body, faith that permeates every fiber of our existence – preached Patriarch Porfirije, whose entire sermon in Serbian can be read HERE.

At the end of the Holy Liturgy, dear guest from the sister Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Varsonofy, conferred upon Patriarch Porfirije, and through him the entire pleroma of the Serbian Orthodox Church, a great gift and blessing – relics of Saint Lazar the Four Days Dead and the Saint Fathers of Kiev-Pechersk.