Conversation between Serbian Patriarch Porfirije and Lord Stuart Peach

Published On: 17/01/2023

Today His Holiness Serbian Patriarch kyr Porfirije received Lord Stuart Peach, the United Kingdom’s envoy for the Western Balkans, in the Patriarchal headquarters in Belgrade.

The interlocutors agreed that it is necessary to strengthen the dialogue on all important issues both globally and at the level of the Balkans, as well as the European continent as a whole. Lord Peach particularly emphasized the importance of the Serbian Orthodox Church in such a dialogue, as well as the necessity of the participation of all Churches and religious communities in such a process.

Thanking Lord Peach for his visit, His Holiness the Patriarch pointed out that the Orthodox Church needs to remain consistent with itself and its context of spiritual and eternal life, although nowadays it is very difficult to act in that spirit, but that it is the only right and correct way.

Mrs. Victoria Billing, Director of the United Kingdom Foreign Office for the Western Balkans and the Mediterranean; Mrs. Sian MacLeod, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Republic of Serbia; as well as Bishop Sava of Marča, Head of the Cabinet of the Serbian Patriarch, attended the meeting.