Patriarch Porfirije: Everything should be given for Christ, and Christ for nothing

Published On: 06/12/2023

His Holiness Serbian Patriarch kyr Porfirije served the Holy Hierarchical Liturgy on 6 December 2023 in the church of Saint Alexander Nevsky in Belgrade.

– Today, we celebrate Saint Alexander Nevsky, and in him, as in every Saint, we celebrate the Gospel virtue with which he was adorned. Celebrating his virtue, we look up to it and pray to God to give us strength for that same virtue to become the content and characteristic of our feat and our spiritual life. Saint Alexander Nevsky was of aristocratic descent, ruled over people and territories, but above all, he ruled himself by the Gospel of Christ, knowing that everything should be given for Christ, and Christ for nothing. Only in this way would everything we have given become and remain ours. Ruling himself by the Gospel of Christ, Saint Alexander Nevsky did not succumb to worldly fame, power, and worldly might. On the contrary, he knew that external glory, power, and authority are expressions of God’s providence, given to him not to affirm himself in egoism and egocentrism but to serve the Gospel of Christ. Therefore, his life, being grounded in the word of Christ, is a life of testimony and the embodiment of true and genuine faith, Orthodox faith. There were many in his time, as there are today, who have the idea and goal of diluting the Orthodox faith, relativizing it, turning Orthodox Christians into Christians Orthodox only in name, but in life and in the way of belief, something completely foreign to Orthodoxy. However, even when he was called upon to demonstrate, with the strength of this world and human force, that he was faithful to the Orthodox faith, when he was told that he would receive even greater kingdoms if he abandoned the Orthodox faith becoming a Uniate or converting to the Catholic faith, Saint Alexander Nevsky did not agree to it, neither in word, nor in deed, nor in thought – said Patriarch Porfirije.

The Church of Saint Alexander Nevsky celebrates two important events in the life of the faithful Prince Alexander Nevsky: the Transfer of his holy relics as a church’s patron saint’s day, and his Dormition as the feast of church choirs. The joy of the feast was increased by the gift of the Ostrog Monastery, with the blessing of Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral kyr Joanikije. Namely, gloves from the relics of Saint Basil of Ostrog have been available to the faithful for veneration in the church on Dorćol since 5 December.