Patriarch Porfirije expressed his condolences to Patriarch of Jerusalem and All Palestine Theophilus III

Published On: 21/10/2023

His Holiness Serbian Patriarch kyr Porfirije sent a statement of condolences on 20 October 2023 to His Beatitude the Patriarch of the Holy City of Jerusalem and All Palestine kyr Theophilus III, regarding the attack on the Monastery of Saint Porphyrios in Gaza, one of the oldest Orthodox churches in the world, in which, among other things, he stated:

– The news of the tragedy that befalls the Holy Land, in which, unfortunately, innocent people of all faiths are suffering, and the relentless war fire is consuming cultural heritage dating back centuries, are racing each other.

Today, I received with disbelief and sorrow the news of a terrible tragedy in which Orthodox Christians in the Monastery of Saint Porphyrios in Gaza – a gem of Christian culture, fell victim to aerial bomb strikes, and the religious and cultural treasures of Orthodoxy, and I believe of the entire civilized world, have irreversibly vanished.

– We assure You that the prayers of our Holy Serbian Orthodox Church are with You, Your venerable clergy, and the faithful people. We deeply empathize with You because not too long ago, we ourselves experienced the tragedy of war, the suffering of the innocent, and the destruction of holy churches where our ancestors prayed for centuries. Today, all Orthodox Serbians, along with You, Your Beatitude, beseech the Risen Lord to grant the souls of our deceased brothers and sisters a place in His eternal Kingdom, as well as for all the innocent victims in Israel and Palestine.

May the Lord, through the prayers of Saint Porphyrios – Bishop of Gaza, whose intercessions brought thousands of people to Christ, guide the leaders of the warring parties and world leaders towards the path of peace, for in wars, everyone suffers defeat, and evil claims yet another victory – said Serbian Patriarch kyr Porfirije