Patriarch Porfirije sent his congratulations to Chief Rabbi Mr. Isaac Asiel and all the members of the Jewish community in Serbia on the occasion of Hanukkah

Published On: 18/12/2022

On the occasion of the Hanukkah holiday, which in the Jewish tradition commemorates the victory in the great uprising against the occupiers and the new consecration of the Temple, but also represents a symbol of freedom, light and hope for a better life, His Holiness Serbian Patriarch kyr Porfirije sent his most sincere congratulations to the Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community of Serbia, Mr. Isaac Asiel and the members of the Jewish community, with a wish that all Jews scattered throughout the world may spend it in peace, prosperity and joy.

– Let this great Jewish holiday be a hint of new times in which people will recognize each other as brothers, and that the pursuit of peace and common life permeated with mutual appreciation and respect for God-given diversity will become a permanent content of our souls – Patriarch Porfirije said in the congratulatory message.