Patriarch Porfirije’s message to the wounded children from Štrpce

Published On: 06/01/2023

The prayers and love of the God-Child Christ and all our human care and attention are with you this Christmas, my dear children from Štrpce.

Tonight, your mothers and fathers are standing over you, as well as the Mother of God who gave birth to the Savior of us all. Dear Stefan and Miloš, tonight the children of Kosovo and Metohija who have suffered innocently from Livadice to Goraždevac, including little Dimitrije Popović from Gračanica, are praying for you.

We pray that evil does not cloud your joy, play and faith with which you will bring the oak trees (badnjak) for blessing and happiness to your homes and your Štrpce in the future.

I wish you a speedy recovery and happy holidays.

Peace of God – Christ is born!