Serbian Patriarch Porfirije arrived in Chicago

Published On: 29/01/2023

In continuation of his visit to the United States of America, His Holiness Patriarch kyr Porfirije arrived in Chicago on 29 January 2023.

His Grace Bishop of New Gračanica–Midwestern America kyr Longin, together with the clergy, monastics and faithful people, welcomed His Holiness the Patriarch and his hierarchical entourage – His Grace Bishop of Canada kyr Mitrofan, Protopresbyter-Stavrophoros Velibor Džomić and Protodeacon Dragan Radić, at the Chicago airport.

In the following days, Patriarch Porfirije will visit the Saint Sava Orthodox School of Theology in Libertyville near Chicago, where he will hold several meetings with the Dean, Administration, teachers and students of the only higher education institution of the Serbian Orthodox Church on the North American continent, and he will also attend the festive celebration of Saint Sava organized by teachers and students of that School. A meeting of His Holiness with competent Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North, Central and South America in the Monastery of New Gračanica on the Third Lake is also planned.